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IP intelligence software

Advanced Analysis
from Innography

Comprehensive patent research and analysis of large patent datasets used to take weeks, sometimes months to complete — and only by those trained in very sophisticated IP research methods. Innography’s Advanced Analysis allows you to drill as deep as you like into the data or generate dynamic executive summary reports.

Either way, you get the industry’s most comprehensive patent data search and analytics capabilities, with insights that would otherwise take weeks or months to derive.

Advanced Analysis allows IP professionals to spend time conducting analysis to answer business decisions, rather than manually aggregating and cleansing global patent data, by leveraging CPA Global’s IP ONE Data. Advanced Analysis takes a big data approach, correlating IP, business, finance, litigation, IP costs, and both industry-specific, and non-patent literature (NPL) to identify insights and help make business decisions across the idea lifecycle.

Advanced Analysis is simple enough to use for IP experts and business users alike, including the following scenarios.




Patent research to monetise your IP assets by finding new candidates for in or out licensing and open innovation.



Use Innography to locate patents that may invalidate prior art and those infringing on your IP, to understand the litigation trends in your technology space, and to predict threats against your portfolio.



Determine if the assets you are buying are worth the price, based on their strength, and easily identify any hidden litigation risk they may carry. Understand if acquired patents effectively supplement your current portfolio and support your business strategy.



Understand your competitors’ portfolio strength and filing trends as well as spotting the white space in your technology environment.



Conduct analysis to find prior art, explore technology landscapes, mine for connections and adjacencies, and uncover new opportunities.



Track and monitor IP investments, view market landscapes and determine positioning to support the overall company’s strategy.