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There’s an entire world of threats to your trademark portfolio in different countries, languages and scripts.


11:30 AM IST  |  13:00 HKT  |  15:00 AEST


We are pioneers in global trademark watching. For almost 50 years we have been protecting some of the world’s biggest brands. We know quality results are more important than quantity. Each customer has unique requirements, and we have the flexibility to customise our services to your needs. We become an extension of your team, handling the time-consuming task of reviewing millions of trademarks and enabling you to work on expertise areas, such as enforcement and prosecution.


Trademark filing volumes are breaking records. An estimated 10.9 million trademark applications were filed worldwide in 2018 – about 1.7 million more than in 2017. So many new applications mean so much data to review to clear new brands. Protecting your trademarks from potential infringements is crucial.

The problem today is that globalisation has opened the door to new infringements, in different languages, different scripts and across many jurisdictions. How do you keep your costs from spiralling and ensure maximum enforcement of your hard-earned IP?

THE SOLUTION: An intelligent, cost-effective trademark watching service.

CPA Global delivers the protection you need. We see your trademarks as crafted protection for your unique brand – one size does not fit all. That’s why we design customised watch parameters for each one of your trademarks.


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Ms. Liji Sara IssacSenior ManagerWatching Services, CPA Global

Ms. Liji Sara Issac has over twelve years of experience with CPA Global, managing various operational processes. Over these years she has worked in both patents and trademark domains, gaining significant knowledge in the IP industry. She has closely worked with large corporates and law firms in producing data management services. She also collaborates with the internal departments to deliver effectively on customer requirements. Since 2015, Liji has been managing the operations team for Trademark Watching services at CPA Global, Noida. She also supports clients in solutioning and providing unique ideas to augment their fulfilment process.

Liji is a postgraduate in commerce and she studied in Himachal Pradesh and Delhi universities. She has good interpersonal skills and closely works with various teams and professionals. She has both people and project management skills, leading multiple projects in different business areas.



Ms. Liying ZHANGCPA Global, Trademark Product Specialist

Ms. Liying ZHANG is experienced in global trademark portfolio management and protection, including trademark watching, trademark searching. She also works alongside professionals in online monitoring and domain management and monitoring. Since joining CPA Global London Office in 2015, Ms. Zhang’s practice has focused on trademark monitoring and has undertaken many key trademark watching and searching projects for well-known law firms and established large corporates. Liying has effectively helped clients work out customised watching strategies to tailor their special demands and achieve optimal results. She also collaborates with other functional departments to deliver effective customer solutions for trademark watching and search requirements.

Liying obtained her master’s degree from the University of Manchester. Liying is also a qualified English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpreter. She has undertaken interpreting assignments in international conferences and seminars in multiple industries, including Artificial intelligence, aero-robotics, pharmaceuticals, airline retailing software and publishing industries, etc.