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Always have access to your IP information. Revolutionise your operations with First to File®, the only document management system tailored to the IP industry.

First to File was created by IP professionals for IP professionals, who fully understood the file-heavy work of IP management and wanted to change it for good. It transforms the work of IP professionals by automating the storage, transfer, and management of IP documents worldwide. Adoption is intuitive, relieving the administrative burden almost immediately.

These insights will allow you to get your technologies into products and on the market faster – meaning you can quickly grow new revenue streams and recoup your R&D investment faster. Our structured output also provides a springboard for your R&D colleagues to innovate on the fly, stimulating ideation and creating new research directions for your company, increasing the efficiency of your R&D spend

Boosts productivity and improves collaboration


By flowing documents through contributors and reviewers with actions and due dates.

Saves storage and courier costs


Through centralised electronic document storage that enables 24/7 access to any user, at any time.

Drives Consistency


Manage IP documents though a configurable classification hierarchy allowing for uniform naming convention across your portfolio.

Enhances collaboration


As a SaaS-based technology, it enables global companies to share a single database and access documents from any location. And, with extensive user management tools, First to File® extends access to external parties – whether that’s outside counsel, clients of law firms, investors or foreign agents.

Integrates well


First to File® is designed to integrate with your docketing system and to accurately populate case data—all docketing systems are supported and includes deep integrations with Microsoft Office®, Lotus Notes®, Gmail® and Adobe® applications.

Reducing Young & Thompson’s reliance on paper based systems was initially met with skepticism. With First to File®, implementation was fast, and staff quickly became comfortable with the user-friendly trifold and workflows. They like the anywhere, anytime access with increased transparency and faster client response time for greater productivity.

Annette Brown Skaltsounis,
Lead, European Practice Group, Young & Thompson

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First to File

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