Collaborative technology
configured to improve IP workflows and processes


If you are looking for an advanced Intellectual Property Management System that can handle a large IP Portfolio, Ipendo® is your solution.

Ipendo® has been created by IP experts, for IP experts. It enables you to securely connect all aspects of your IP activity, from inventor disclosure or trademark requests through to the payment of renewals on a large scale.

Ipendo® is set to get better still based on its roadmap of innovation.

These insights will allow you to get your technologies into products and on the market faster – meaning you can quickly grow new revenue streams and recoup your R&D investment faster. Our structured output also provides a springboard for your R&D colleagues to innovate on the fly, stimulating ideation and creating new research directions for your company, increasing the efficiency of your R&D spend

Why Ipendo® might be the right tool for managing your IP...

Real-time availability and total control

Ipendo® is cloud based so it enables a complete overview of your IP portfolio at any time and from any location. The IP department retains ownership of the centralised system, but can easily connect, communicate and collaborate with the wider organisation and approved third parties.

Significant time efficiencies

Reduce administration with automated workflows and powerful reports. For example, patent information can be automatically sent to CPA Global as part of the patent annuities payment process.


Storing and sharing all IP documents within Ipendo® helps to ensure data security and provides an automated audit trail of who has accessed the system and edited what and when. Powerful security tools allow you to limit access only from within your firewall.


Connect key stakeholders, promote awareness of IP rights across the business and enhance efficiency. Inventors can easily upload their ideas into the system using a portal that only requires a corporate email address with one time password to avoid user errors and need for licenses. This enables inventors to track the status of a submission status while access to sensitive IP information can be restricted according to pre-defined rules. Additionally, external counsel can be given access only to the patent families or aspects of the portfolio that they are managing.


Easy-to-use web based system also means that your IP information can be accessed and demonstrated in real time.

Simplify forecasting

Ipendo provides a complete overview of the portfolio and IP costs allowing IP departments to maximise return on investment via optimised IP forecasting and greater budget control.


CPA renewals services and data verification capabilities are seamlessly integrated in Ipendo, which provides automatic data transfer to the renewals systems including instructions and cost information.

Access to World Class Services

Customer support is at the heart of our strategy – an on-demand SaaS application needs equally available and adaptive support. The dedicated Ipendo® support specialists are experienced in IP, and are trained to be your advocates – ensuring you get the answers you need.

Client quote

With CPA Global’s Ipendo®, we have a comprehensive IP management system and not just another database. Our ability to securely connect, communicate and collaborate on IP matters has significantly improved.

Krister Karlsson
Corporate Patent Attorney, Neste




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