Law Firm Case Studies

CPA Global was founded by law firms to support law firms. So we understand the business challenges you face – and we make it our business to help you maximise efficiencies, profitability and the value you deliver to your clients.

We work with general practice law firms, both large and small, as well as specialist intellectual property (IP) firms and practices, assisting you in managing risk, cost and capacity across a broad range of IP and legal services.

We know that the economic environment has been particularly challenging for law firms and practice groups, with many under pressure to reduce costs, while providing the same or improved levels of service. Whether you are seeking support with IP services, such as renewals, patent and trademark search, or docketing, IP Management software, or in other areas, such as transactions, contract management, anti-bribery and compliance, and legal research, we are committed to ensuring that you have the resources, process expertise, technology, and international reach you need to effectively execute your business strategies.

Below is a small sample of the many, many legal challenges we’ve worked on over the last 40 years.