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November 1, 2016 - ALEXANDRIA: CPA Global demonstrates continued commitment to the future of IP with Innography’s latest update to its Advanced Analysis solution. The new release will simplify the consumption of business critical IP data for making informed IP decisions. The update includes PortfolioIQ which provides a holistic view of manageable, accurate, IP data – combining public and internal data in one intuitive user interface.

Across the patent lifecycle many layers of data are needed to inform business decisions, but the risk for data corruption increases at each stage. Organisations can waste a significant amount of time and money on manually verifying information.

Innography’s PortfolioIQ merges private internal information with publicly available patent data, in an interface which provides the flexibility and analytics to make intelligent business decisions about renewals, competitor activity and filings. Stakeholders - from docketing agents to outside counsel – have access to a single source of information to identify and discuss records across multiple systems.

Tyron Stading, SVP, IP Analytics and Information Solutions, CPA Global and President/Founder of Innography says: “This update provides IP professionals with manageable, accurate data at their fingertips when they need it most. PortfolioIQ’s ability to match public and private internal data is unique to CPA Global, and provides peace of mind when making decisions for renewals and prosecuting applications.”

Innography’s data matching and verification process achieves more than 90% accuracy in matching internal information to public records compared to others in the market that match just 35%.  With a seamless flow of data in a single location, public and internal data can be analysed by Innography’s Advanced Analysis in a matter of seconds.

“Data integration is key to reducing business risk and controlling the amount of time and money wasted on the manual verification of data” says Simon Webster, CEO, CPA Global.  “Innography’s sophisticated matching processes in PortfolioIQ will provide all users of IP data with the confidence to not only do their job, but feel confident in the decisions they make.”

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CPA Global is the world’s leading IP management and technology company. Trusted by many of the world’s most respected corporations and law firms, CPA Global empowers a global community to achieve excellence in IP management. We support the day-to-day delivery of IP functions and provide the right information at the right time, enabling professionals to make better IP decisions for the future. Our integrated suite of IP software, services and information is underpinned by an outstanding global team of IP people.

About Innography

Innography, a CPA Global company, provides patent search and intellectual property analytics software that helps the world’s leading patent owners, innovators and decision-makers drive more business value from IP investments. Correlating 100 million patent documents with financial, litigation, market and business data, Innography helps clients track competitors, uncover lucrative revenue sources, preempt litigation claims, and stay abreast of innovation trends. With more than 350 global clients across all product industry categories, Innography is proud to achieve client satisfaction far above the industry average. Innography is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit Innography.com.


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