The Patent Race to Driverless Technology



Thumb_Webinar_general.jpgSelf-driving cars continue to creep up on the American driving public.

Uber is exploring the use of autonomous vehicles to transport customers. Ford Motor Company is working on developing autonomous vehicles that can be sold to consumers by the year 2025. In New Zealand, Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is using an autonomous system to get its pizzas to customers.

In addition to the myriad issues that will make up the regulatory landscape that will become autonomous driving guides for industry, the patent landscape for self-driving vehicles is also quickly changing.

Join us for a webinar discussion on the autonomous driving sector, regulatory hurdles, the race to patent technologies and more. Plus questions from the audience.

This webinar tackles:

  • The future of autonomous driving: does it belong auto manufacturers or tech companies?
  • Regulations being considered by the Department of Transportation
  • Patents in the autonomous driving sector:  are they suffering from Alice and market realities?

Watch the webinar