Game Changers: How IP Departments
can win big with their R&D Teams

White Paper


Thumb_Whitepaper_GameChangersHowIPDepartmentsCanWinBig_ Apr17.jpgIf R&D teams are the engine, IP departments provide the fuel.

Ideas are the lifeblood of businesses, especially with today's rapidly evolving industries, technologies and strategies. With
so many new players, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities, businesses need to get more profitable ideas to market more quickly.

R&D teams are vital for innovation, but they're often focused on the fine lines, making the big picture hard to see. IP departments can fill in these knowledge gaps, creating more profitable eureka moments. IP departments who've tapped into the power of CPA Global Analytics have a game changing advantage.

This paper includes:

  • Insight into how an Analytics intervention can offer clear value-add from the IP Department into R&D
  • A mini-case study of a multi-national electronics and industrial company who used our service to unlock 30 invention disclosures from a single workshop
  • A clear view of how a single Analytics study can be used to expedite innovation

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