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How Innovative are they?

White Paper


Thumb_Whitepaper_INNOG_TopFiveInnovators_.jpgFrom broad insight to multi-layered analysis, intellectual property (IP) intelligence software can be used to provide an objective perspective into almost anything patent-related.

Offering a perfect opportunity to illustrate this point was Forbes Magazine’s World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2016 list. The rankings were based on an “innovation premium” or  the additional value investors place on the company above its enterprise value.

To find out how this seemingly subjective ranking system fared against more objective metrics, the top five on the list were put up against Innography’s IP intelligence software.

Questions addressed include:

  • From an intellectual property perspective, are these companies really innovative or is it just media (or investor) hype?
  • What else can a patent portfolio tell us about innovation? And more