The solution is designed to alleviate the repetitive administrative burden associated with the trademark renewal process, allowing you to focus on the strategic side of trademark portfolio management.


For corporations with the need to improve their data integrity and validate renewal deadlines, we employ our unique law engine to calculate and validate important due dates. We have a global team of over 50 trademark renewal professionals in place in order to support you.

Key features of our service include:
  • Flexible renewal reminders detailing cost and renewal formalities.
  • Reminder frequency can be tailored into your renewal decision process.
  • Management of all renewals formalities.
  • Option to work with your preferred agent network in jurisdictions where a sole representative has to be recorded at the PTO.
  • Ability to execute and authenticate key renewal formalities such as Powers of Attorney (restricted to renewals and associated activity).
  • Consolidated reporting of key data discrepancies to ensure accurate record management.
  • Management of ownership updates required at the point of renewal.
  • Tracking and reporting of key renewals events.
  • Ability for you to track the status of your renewals online.
  • Management of official receipts and renewal certificates.