Monitor and Protect Your IP

Trademark Watch: Protecting your brand

Protecting trademarks from potential infringements is crucial to maintaining the value of your IP portfolio. CPA Global delivers that protection through the most intelligent watching solutions available anywhere.

We see trademarks as unique creations for your brand – that’s why we design a customised watch parameter for each one:

  • Get the most comprehensive set of relevant results for your business, thanks to a combination of market-leading technology and a team of experienced watching quality specialists.
  • Benefit from global coverage with analysis of watching data that covers all major jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Get the results in the way that suits your needs either by email, uploaded on to your internal management systems or by accessing our user friendly and intuitive online watch portal.

We are an extension of your team

We can provide higher relevancy reports or we can provide broader results. We can alleviate administration work and tasks that stop our clients from focusing on the important high value activities. The team takes steps to ensure marks are individually set up correctly from the start, the human vetting of results and its flexibility is welcomed by our clients, our comprehensive Chinese character watching capabilities is one of our major differentiators and finally our post watch notice service, i.e. dealing with customer queries on specific language or jurisdictional issues are why clients see us has an extension of their teams.

A service you can trust


We have been providing a worldwide watching service since 1941 and are accredited with the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems, certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Truly worldwide scope


Our Trademark Watching Service covers jurisdictions from around the world. This includes watching in languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic and many other scripts, to ensure that your marks are protected on a global scale.

Tailored to your needs


We consider and implement your flexible and bespoke requirements. You also benefit from a dedicated Account Manager working with you.


    • Combining the expertise of watching quality specialists with leading edge technology
    • User-friendly online portal to review and store your Trademark watch reports
    • Chinese Watch: Our native Chinese speakers monitor trademarks against phonetically similar marks. They manually translate the applicant and goods/services directly on watch notices.

As part of the trademark watching process, we identify similarities in:

    • Word meanings, not limited to identical or similar word matches
    • Phonetic matches—beyond just identical or similar word and character matches based on visual similarities, our linguists are also able to recognise phonetic (sound) matches
    • Visual resemblance of images
    • The class and relationship of goods and services through analysis.




See our detailed product sheet.



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